Safety & Longlasting


Periointegration means non-irritating and inflammation-free embedding of a dental implant in the oral mucosa. Objectives are permanent stability, inflammation-free gingiva and a healthy bone around the implant.

Periointegration should achieve long-term antibacterial sealing of the natural gingival margin for purposes of infection protection of the subjacent structures in order to prevent occurrence of peri-implantitis.


Depositing of plaque should be counteracted to achieve a long-term stable connection of healthy gingiva to the implant.

Periointegration involves three components:


Periointegration is a relatively new focus of dental implantology. The increase of peri-implantar inflammations at dental implants gave rise to establishment of periointegration. Correspondingly, implantology realised the necessity to deal with health maintenance of the whole peri-implantar hard and soft tissue.

Since its foundation in December 2006 in Berlin, the international Academy of Periointegration's work focuses on permanent periointegration of dental implants into their surrounding tissue. Today, periointegration is already an established topic at dental congresses and for further training seminars.