About AP

The AP Academy of Periointegration

The AP Academy of Periointegration under the direction of the Harvard professor Mr. Marc L. Nevins (D.M.D., M.M.SC., P.C.) is a group of scientifically active implantologists, periodontologists and technology developers. Its objective is to take dental implantology to a new era.

Since its foundation in December 2006 in Berlin, the focus of the AP Academy of Periointegration has been on permanent periointegration of dental implants into their surrounding tissue. The AP was founded as a response to the continuously rising number of cases in the field of peri-implantitis.

Periointegration means that - besides osseointegration - the implant should be embedded into the surrounding mucosa without irritation or inflammation. Such multifaceted acts require the close cooperation of implant manufacturers, physicians and patients.

The AP Academy of Periointegration has already been able to implement scientific knowledge into concrete and innovative product design. In February 2007, the AP presented the first work results by defining design criteria for periointegrative dental implants. A new, randomised and prospective multi-centre study for collection and evaluation of data on durability of implants was started in 2012.

Any interested and experienced dentists who want to participate in this study please contact contact@ap-foundation.ch.